Zlata Parechyna

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Zlata Parechyna

Model, Dancer, Singer


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Hello! I'm Zlata Parechina, and I'm ten years old. I'm from Minsk, Belarus.
How did I become a model? At home, we regularly watch Fashion TV channel. Our family likes beauty and energy of it. And when I was four years old, I asked my parents to take me the fashion show to see the models on the catwalk. Most of all I liked Victoria's Secret's shows (my daddy, for some reason, too). After that, my parents took me to a model school.

After a year I took part in the Belarus Fashion Week. I presented a warm jacket for one brand then. I liked it so much - dozens of photographers, cameras and a lot of people. During next five years in the modelling business, I repeatedly became the face of different brands and collections, won beauty and fashion contests in Italy, Lithuania, Belarus and Russia.

I also like to be in front of the camera very much. The most memorable shooting I had together with Miss Wheelchair World 2017 - Alexandra Chichikova. I took part in a social photo project, the purpose of which was to show the equality of ordinary people and people with disabilities. It was exhilarating. And it turned out very nice.

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