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Zara Kadhani

Model, Actor, Singer


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I had my first photo shoot when I was four years old. I was on a day out with my family to Collingwood children’s farm, and I was approached by the owner of Bardot Junior, who asked my family if I would like to model in one of their photo shoots. It was so much fun, and I got to play with other kids on set. I remember I was very excited to see myself on their website following the shoot. After this, my mum signed me up with an agent, and it has all just progressed from there. I feel lucky to have been involved in fashion photo shoots, editorials, commercials, fashion shows and more recently short films.

It is incredibly hard to choose a favourite photo shoot, but one that was really fun was an editorial for Party with Lenzo. It was a party themed shoot, and I got to eat and drink all yummy party food including bagels, cake, soft drinks and much more and to top it off I got to wear the most awesome roller skates and take photos with my friends in a portable photo booth.
I also enjoyed modelling for A Little Pocket as I love their designs and colours and I like that their clothes are different from what you usually find in the shops...

Bardot Junior, Target, A Little Pocket, Tennis Austral- ia, eBay, The Midnight Gang, Simonds Homes, Melbourne Immigration Museum, Evo Hair
Kidsfest S/S & A/W 2016, International Kids Fashion Parade 2017

eBay, Target,

Acring, singing, gymnastics, swimming

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