Xander Perone

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Xander Perone

Dancer, Model, Musician

United States

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Xander Perone began training in hip hop and jazz dance at the early age of 9. He continues to further his training at Complexity Dance Center studying ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip hop and tap. In addition, Xander has participated in several summer and winter programs to help mold his artistry, which include, Dancer Palooza, Broadway Dance Center, Man in Motion, Princeton Dance and Theatre, and Limitless Dance Intensive. Throughout the season Xander enjoys participating in an array of convention classes learning from different educators around the world. In addition to his training, Xander has been invited to perform as a soloist in Broadway Dance Center’s AIM Invitational, Harry Potter’s Magical Ball promotional event as well as Groove’s National Opening Number choreographed by Jill Lazzini. Xander has been cast in two Man in Motion video productions including, ‘This is Me’ and ‘She is the One’.
Recently, Xander has been selected to work with Revel Dance Convention as a ProReveler assistant. He has also been selected to participate in the protégé program for Limitless Dance Intensive, where he will travel throughout the country assisting educators of all styles. Xander is humbled to have had the opportunities to model for the incredible Patrick J Design as well as Man in Motion.
In addition to dance, Xander has participated in voice lessons and 4 years of piano. One of Xander’s favorite moments was his 2018 first overall and title champion win at Starpower International in Toronto, Canada. Xander loves nothing more than dance but off the floor he can be found playing with this dog and hanging with friends. He is also known for taking a killer selfie and randomly shooting his left leg straight into the air. Xander aspires to work with choreographer Travis Wall and continues to stay motivated throughout his artistic journey.

Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, tap. Additional skills include: Aerial, front aerial, front and back handspring, head balances & further tumbling activities

National Groove Dancer of Year, 2018
International First Overall and Title Champion - Starpower, 2018, Toronto, Canada
Regional Title Champion -Onstage New York- Showbiz 2018
Regional First Overall and Title Champion-Nexstar Regional 2018
Regional First Overall and Title Champion-Precision Arts 2018
Regional First Overall and Title Champion-Groove 2018
Regional First Overall and Title Champion- Showbiz
Regional First Overall -Revel, 2018 - ProRevel Assistant 2018-19 Season award winner
Regional First Overall & Title Champion - Nexstar Talent Competition,2018
Regional First Overall & Title Champion - Backstage Dance Competition 2018
Regional First Overall & Title Champion- Starpower 2017
2nd Runner Up World Dance Pageant, 2017
VIP Best Soloist, 2016

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Stars Dance Company
BoyDance Magazine No.2

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