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Wiktor Prager

Model, Actor, Athlete


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Hi, I'm Wiktor. I'm from Poland, and I'm 11 years old. I'm a kid model. I think my career started because my mom is a photographer and she was taking pictures of me and sending it to some advertising and model agencies. My jobs are not only photo shoots but also in some TV advertisements for example for Lidl.

My first job was for a dentist clinic. It was really fun, and I knew that I like being a model. My favourite photo shoot was for the brand named Nativo. I like it the most because it was the most intensive and impetuous. We were just having fun there. I like doing a lot of things. I am really passionate and impatient.

I love riding the quad bike with my dad. We do it every weekend when the weather is nice. Three times a week I practice triathlon (running, swimming and cycling) and to be honest I like the last one the most. I have won a lot of medals. I play a lot of games on my PlayStation in my free time. When it's cold, I like skiing also with my dad. We are always first at the bottom...

Flik Flak, Nativo, Reserved, Wola, OX, fresh Dinosaurs, kids on the moon, bobo choses
ladnebebe.pl, kikimora.com

Sport, swiming pool, unihokey, driving quad

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