Vincent Antonius Hoozemans

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Age: 14

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Hi, my name is Vincent.

I'm a creative, sportive kid with an open personality. Easily making new friends on every occasion. I love and practice in all kinds of sports such as soccer, jujitsu, skiing and hoverboarding. However, most of my time is divided between karate and acting/photo shoots.

Karate taught me respect, focus, patience, fight for your dreams. Disciplines very useful in life. I accidentally came in contact with acting and fell in love with it instantly. Started as background actor to bit-part, supporting actor and last year cast for 4 Leads in movies and 2 in commercials.

Photoshoot: Kaat Stieber
Photoshoot: Kasia Orlow
Photoshoot: Caiway OHH/ print / DM / POS
Photoshoot: Juweeltjes
Photoshoot : Kasia Orlow
Photoshoot: Lieven Myldermans

- TV Commercial : Alber Heijn
- Amsterdam Krimi role : Max
- commercial Ajax , Johan Cruijf Arena - Lead
- Film (short) : Wapentuig - Lead
- Film (short) : De Sprint - Lead
- TVC : - Lead
-Film : Kerstfilm Svennson ( internationaal ) - Lead
-Film : Ministerie van Justitie - Lead
-Tv series : De Luizenmoeder seizoen 2 - role Jasper
-Tv Commercial : Koopmans Bananenbrood - Brother
-Film : Het Irritante Eiland - Special
-Online Campagne Pestkopproef
-Tv Commercial : Zapp week tegen pesten
- Film : Baantjer het Begin
-Tv Commercial : Adrelon
-Tv series : De Luizenmoeder

Karate & Jiujitsu Brow/blue belt

- 3rd place National Championship 2017 & 2018
- 1st place Open Waterland Championschip
- 3rd place Open Waterland Championship
- 2nd place Clubchampionship
- 2nd place Schoolchampionship

Soccer, gaming, acting

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Talent Wanted TOP20 '19

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