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Vasily Sobolev

Dancer, Actor


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I started dancing not long ago when I was 8. I began with a group of children who practised dancing for two years; I didn't know how to dance before then. But I really wanted to dance, and soon I reached their level because I loved ballet so much.

I first saw ballet dancing when I was three years old, and I immediately fell in love with it. To me, classical ballet is the most beautiful of all dance styles.

When I first began, I would watch ballet on TV and practice at home; I would lock myself in my room for hours because I was shy and didn't want anybody to see me. I was always shy to go to ballet classes until one day my sister went; I went with her, and they talked me into trying. Since then, I have practised hard because I realized that ballet is my greatest passion in life.

The boys at school and in our neighbourhood would laugh at me, but I didn't let it bother me. I knew that dancing isn't only for girls. You have to be strong, tough and coordinated to dance. But most importantly, my family has always been very supportive of my passion for ballet.

I have never participated in competitions. The only thing I had wanted was to be accepted into The Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet. Since my very first lesson that was my goal. I trained for several hours a day for nearly three years, and I was accepted into the Academy! I am now a second-year student in the Academy, and I dance in more than ten performances in Mariinsky Theatre in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

It has been challenging to be a part of the Academy; we have a very strenuous practise routine: 8-9 lessons every day and rehearsals every night. Nevertheless, I am beyond happy to study in the oldest and best ballet school in the world!

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