Vadim Glazunov

Singer, Actor, Musician


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I love music and animals!
I love to cook, sing and dance. I love to communicate and find new friends.
Favorite book: "The Little Prince"
Magic tricks / illusionist
Composer / arranger
I teach master classes in photo posing in children's model schools.
Wrote music for the show Moscow Fashion Week 2019

Hobbies: BMX, Tennis, Basketball, Football, Jumping Swimming, Diving, Windsurfing, Wakeboard, Snowboard, Mini golf, Trampoline sport (somersault), Scooter (tricks of medium difficulty), Skate, Segway.

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Model, Athlete

Actor, Singer, Dancer

Model, Actor, Athlete

Model, Actor

Actor, Dancer, Musician, Vlogger

9 since Mar 11, 2021

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