Tyler Dryden

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Tyler Dryden

Actor, Model

United States

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Tyler Dryden is an actor and model. Tyler is known for his appearance in Fight 4 Your Life, The 50, Wheels of Fortune, Harclaw, Extreme Measures, Single Standard, Butt Boy, The World's Astonishing News and many others.

He was born in Stillwater, Oklahoma to Justin Smith, a historian, and Catherine Lamm, a veterinarian. He has one older brother, Derek Smith. Tyler moved to Glasgow, Scotland in 2010, where he lived with his family for 2 years, attending school at Castlehill in Bearsden. In 2012, he moved to Northern California. Since he was little, he and his brother would create vibrant, detailed, imaginary worlds and then act out different characters in these worlds. In 2017, he started acting classes and fell in love with the profession.

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CESD Talent Agency
NYLO Model & Talent

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