Tommaso Gribaudo

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Tommaso Gribaudo

Model, Athlete


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I am from Mazze, Italy. I started as a model when I was 6 years old, thanks to my mother who sent my pictures to a fashion agency in Milan.

My first job was for Krytik together with Kristina Pimenova. Then I worked with the best fashion brands like iDO, Cesare Paciotti, Vingino, Facit, Armani. I was lucky to do shootings for Fred Mello where I worked with Mariano Di Vaio. I even did a few TV commercials for Carletto, Fabbri Editore and Eminflex.

I also had a chance to walk at Pitti in Florence for a Spanish brand - it was so exciting!

I made various photo-sessions with Barbara Marin and Magdalena Berny - outstanding Italian photographers.

My hobbies are golf and swimming. I also take drama classes at the Filo Arianna association.

I’m currently participating in a project related to the book “The World of Hope” written by Ivan Maruzzi. This book will come out in May of 2017. The novel is about bullying and insecurities of today’s kids. I will be playing one of the characters in a little movie based on the book...

Krytik, iDO, Cesare Paciotti, Vingino, Facit, Fred Mello, Carletto, Fabbri Edi- tore, Emin ex, Lotto Sport Italia, Sarabanda, Armani Junior
Pitti Firenze, Cóndor

Golf, swimming

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