Tahlan Richards-Deviq

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Tahlan Richards-Deviq

Model, Musician

United States

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I began modelling when I was three years old. My Mum and her friends are photographers, and I was “volunteered” for their shoots a bunch of times since I was three. One of them recommended me to an agency. My first job was for Fred Meyer. At the age of six, my mum signed me with Wilhelmina/Modelogic Models in Richmond, Virginia, after a photographer friend submitted his photos to the agency. A couple of days later I was picked for several jobs like Bloomingdales with some other kids. It was tonnes of fun!

Since then I have done many different jobs from magazine spreads to commercial work and it has become part of my life, along with soccer, flag football, guitar and other activities which boys of my age like to do. Tahlan has grown to be a professional, and he thrives in the experience. He is also interested in film and is now taking acting classes.

My favourite jobs are when other kids are involved, like the one he did in L.A. at the beach with a group of cool kids for Junk Food Clothing Inc. We had a lot of fun! Or, the time when I shot with live birds for Milk magazine. As for now, I am having a blast with the team at Nike on my first runway show.

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