Spencer Parnell

Dancer, Athlete, Model

United States

Age: 10. Login to see birthday

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Spencer is a competitive dancer and has won numerous scholarships and titles over the past 3 years. His most recent accomplishments include:
NYCDA Regional Outstanding Dancer, Hollywood Vibe Dancer of the Year, Revive Honored Dancer Nominee, Radix Core Performer Finalist, Starsystems Top Soloist, and Capezio Model Search top 20. He is represented by Locke Models.

Contemporary, Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theater, Hip Hop and Tap

Spencer dances 4 days a week at his regular studio while attending year-round elementary school. He also takes tumbling and sometimes trains with our local professional ballet company.

Other interests:
Tumbling, modeling, swimming and friends.

Associated with:

APA Dance

2.2k since Nov 13, 2019

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