Sofia Razuvaeva

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Sofia Razuvaeva

Model, Dancer, Musician


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The story of how I've made it to modelling is rather long. But from the very beginning, I have always had signs that I am bound to be in the modelling business.

I was born in Kamchatka. In my early age, I was engaged in the modelling agency "The 5th Element". When I was six, I was lucky to take part in the international contest "National Pride" that was held in «Slava Zaitsev» Moscow Fashion House. It was an enormous success. I was awarded two Grand Prizes (child model and model) and some gold medals. Alexandr Vasilyev (he juried the contest) attached a personal letter to my portfolio. He encouraged me to pursue a modelling career; he was sure I would have to succeed in it.

After that contest, I started getting proposals for different fashion shootings. Since my family was living far away from Moscow, I couldn't accept them. Two years later we moved to Saint Petersburg. My mum didn't want me to continue modelling, so I was sent to a cinematography academy and dance school. As soon as photography for my portfolio started it became clear that I was destined to begin a modelling career: all photographers claimed I had a knack for it. They convinced my mum and advised us a reputed model agency. Since that moment my life has significantly changed...

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