Sofia Evangelina

Athlete, Actor, Singer


Age: 18

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Sofia Evangelina is a budding pop singer- songwriter, actress and model from Canada. With an abundance of confidence, astonishing natural talent and a ‘powerhouse’ voice, Sofia exceeds all expectations of such a young artist. The aspiring pop princess has won numerous talent competitions and has appeared at various festivals. A world class athlete who had travelled the globe and observed many cultures, while being a young teen herself, Sofia deeply understands the issues pertaining to youth culture and is hugely passionate about touching the lives of her fellow peers through her music. She hopes to inspire others to develop self-esteem, stand up for themselves and embrace their individuality and inner beauty. She is an ambassador of several outdoor wear and clothing brands.

Orage, Tobe Outwear, Chaos Headwear, Roxa, Outdoor Gear Canada
Dory Jewelry
Ivivva Athletica
Question Magazine
Pique Magazine
Les Attraits
Happy Media


Pro skier, horseback riding, Pro singer

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