Skye Lily McCormack

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Skye Lily McCormack

Dancer, Model


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Skye is a 12 year old who is passionate and dedicated dancer from Geelong. She is working as an extra on a feature film currently in production and also on House Husbands in several episodes. She is currently modeling for Energetiks Dancewear and is the face of the line ‘Avatar’ Skye walked the runway for Kidz Fashion Week 2017 walking for Sudo and was cast in the 2018 Virgin Australia Melbourne fashion festival walking for several brands. She has also just been cast for Geelong Fashion Runway being held in October 2018. Skye is keen to do anything to gain experience within the industry and loves working in front of a camera. She currently dances approx 12 hours per week in a pre-professional youth industry team. Skye is gaining a great following on social media and has been picked for a team of models from a national callout as one of a group of only ten kids for a 12 month modeling opportunity with a top Melbourne photographer.

Runway model - Kidz Fashion Week, Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival, Geelong Fashion Runway
Energetiks Dancewear Model - face of the Avatar line
Front cover - Geelong Coast Kids Magazine & front cover of Victorian Kids Book

Extra - House Husbands, currently filming a feature film

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