Simon Tischler

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Simon Tischler

Dancer, Actor, Singer

United States

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Simon Tischler is a 13 year old male dancer from Virginia, who has been dancing from the age of about four years old. Simon started dance because of his big sister Maya and because of the Broaday show, Newsies. He has fallen in love with dance styles including hip hop, pop and lock, ballet, tap jazz, contemporary, modern, break dance, musical theatre and more! He dances every day of the week except Sundays which he spends relaxing his muscles and playing with friends. At this time he focuses most of his time training at CityDance Conservatory. He is homeschooled and spends much of his daytime taking 7th grade classes and hanging out with his two dogs and two bearded dragons. A year ago, he made the decision to study academics at home for flexibility with his time and to focus on the arts, which he is passionate about. Typical bullying experienced by boy dancers has been Simon’s experience but he has learned to ignore the negatives and use it to fuel his drive to do well in dance.

NYCDA national scholarships and future star scholarships, YAGP first place in contemporary and second in classical at regionals 2020, Fritz in the nutcracker 6 times with home studios and one time with Ballet West at the Kennedy Center, Ballet in the City ambassador, acceptances for a various ballet company’s across the country many with scholarships, One of 10 male dancers preforming in Aida the opera at The Kennedy Center,

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