Sienna Grajski

Model, Dancer, Actor

United States

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Sienna is a Gifted student at Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth.
American Humane Hero Award
Advanced skier
Fluent in Spanish
Golfer and tennis player
Studies violin

Macy’s 2019
La Belle Kidz Mag 2019
Junior Style London mag 2019
Hooligans magazine 2018
Papillon magazine 2019
Simplicity 2019
Children’s club for Petite Parade 2019

Sienna has performed in numerous violin recitals and children’s concerts.

She has won gold trophies for play and tennis for sportsmanship

Ballet, violin, skiing, golf , tennis, reading, creative writing and math!

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Talent Wanted Magazine No.10

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Actor, Model

Dancer, Model

Actor, Singer, Chef

Actor, Model

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