Shir Hazon

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Shir Hazon

Model, Dancer


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I live in Arugot – a rural village, located in Southern Israel. I have a four-year-old brother Ivri. My mom Orit works as a makeup artist, and my father Tal works as an infrastructure manager. I love pets. I have three dogs and a rabbit at home backyard, and also Siamese cat and Djungarian hamster at home.

Modelling came to me by instance a few months ago, after a friend of my parents who works as a fashion photographer, recommended me to try out and to pose for a photograph. After a professional scout of well-known agency saw my portfolio, he signed me immediately.

I have been already photographed for several campaigns, one for a large shopping centre magazine and another one for children's fashion magazine. I love being photographed!...

SOLOG campaign (Israeli Fashion kids brand) ; Azrieli mall campaign (Local Israeli group of malls); Harel campaign (Local Israeli mall)

Bazaar kids (Brazil) , Horim+Yeladom - Editorial (Israeli kids and parents magazine) ; Fashion kids magazine, Wild child magazine; BCK Magazine, Bella bambini magazine,

Hip hop dancing
Animals / Pets
Music - DJ

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Jr Model Magazine No.7

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