Shawn Aycock

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Shawn Aycock

Model, Actor, Athlete

United States

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I first started taking pictures around the house and at family functions with my aunt, Stephanie. At the age of 8, I was always happy to take pictures with her. After a few sessions with her taking my pictures, she developed her own personal photo gallery of me. We would at times look through the pictures and one day she asked me if I would be interested in modelling. With her picture taking skills she decided that she would have me pose more and more. My first photoshoot was just a trip to a local photographer who ended up taking more pictures than my mum wanted. My favourite photo shoot was when my aunt took me to a northern Jersey studio, and the photographer had me do different shots/looks. It was so much fun!

The other things I like to do is to play a lot of basketball with my friends and my school team. Another interest of my is acting. I had the opportunity to be in commercials, small Web series, a couple of short films, a possible Sundance film, a music video and most recently I been invited to walk in a fashion show.

If given a choice, I prefer modelling, photo shoots, print ads, editorials and acting...

The KiddiePreneur Brand Inc
Kamilla Strike a Pose
29eleven Magazine, Trende Magazine, Big City Kids Magazine, Indi Kids Magazine

Shit Head, Bromance Boys, Park High

Basketball, skating, photoshoots, acting and some modeling

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Jr Model Magazine No.3

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