Saylor Hansen

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Saylor Hansen

Dancer, Athlete

United Staates

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Saylor Hansen is an American dancer. She began dancing and gymnastics at the age of 3 and started competitive gymnastics at the age of 5, and competitive dance at the age of 8, she did both until she was 11 and became dedicated to only dance which is her passion, she is an amazing tumbler and loves to incorporate her skills into her dance. Saylor studies Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, Ballet and Hip Hop at Stars Dance Studio, and is also on her High School Dance team. Saylor has won many first place awards and scholarships at competitions and conventions.

When Saylor isn’t dancing she loves to model, she has modeled for many companies and photographers and is known for her excessive long legs! She also loves to snowboard, ride 4 wheelers, swimming, camping and going to the beach. Saylor is consistently on the high honor roll and excels academically in her high school and has received many awards for her grades. Saylor is the baby of her family of 7 children, her friends and family call her Say Say! Her favorite food is Barbecue Chicken Pizza and cookie dough ice cream! Saylor absolutely loves wearing her Fivedancewear and is so excited and honored to be a part of Club 5 for another year!

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