Sage Thankachen

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Sage Thankachen

Singer, Actor, Dancer

United States

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I am an actor and musician. I have studied at Gray Studios for two years and Camera Right/Stage Left. I play guitar since the age of 8 and piano since the age of 4. I sing and play piano and guitar at Open Mics throughout Southern California.

I also love dance. I am a tap dancer and recently won 1 st place in Tap Solo category at Move and Revolution Talent Competitions. I also breakdance and have been on a Performance Breakdancing Team since the age of 8.

I love performing and recently combined my music and dance with acting to perform as Aladdin in Gray Studio's Broadway musical theater production of Aladdin. I am currently in Gray Studio's High School Musical production. I am looking forward to learning about the film industry and to continue developing my musical talents.

Winning 1 st place in Tap Solo at Move and Revolution Talent Competitions in May and June 2018.

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