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In the spring two years ago, I told my mother that it was my dream to become a model. Then my mother found me the information of an audition. I don’t think she was serious about it; maybe she thought that it could be a good memory for us.
As it turned out, I failed to pass the final screening. I was so frustrated that I tried the same audition the following year, but the result was the same. I couldn't give up my dream, so I applied for a children's clothing fashion show and walked the runway. It was around that time that my mother’s friend gave me a call, saying she wanted to use me as a model for a photo studio. The pictures of me wearing all those kimonos and dresses are my favourites.

It was both a good experience and a step to next jobs with a photo stock company and a fashion show organiser. I worked as a model for the stock photos and a catalogue for a mirror manufacturer. After that, I passed the audition for Korean Cultural Center fashion show! Walking down the runway with adult models was a wonderful experience for me...

REFEX mirror manufacturer catalog model, amusement facility advertisement
Hanbok Fashion Show, Japanese Kids Model Fashion Show

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