Pieter-Jan Desmedt

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Pieter-Jan Desmedt

Model, Athlete


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Hello, I'm Pieter-Jan Desmedt. I live in Belgium, in the municipality of Zedelgem (next to Brugge). I used to be a child model. My mom has a hairdressing salon, and to showcase new hairstyles she often works with photographers. One day they needed children with long hair, and so they approached me. I agreed to do this, and that's how my photos were published. Then it went quickly. Other brands contacted me to present their clothing lines.

I've also done some commercials for TV. I never feel stress which is helpful for shooting or filming. You must be yourself, and if you are, then everything goes smoothly. I know what's expected of me.
The best experiences I still enjoy when we can shoot in another country. Then I always feel like I'm on a small vacation. Last month we were invited to shoot in Turkey for a big hotel chain. That was really cool! I'm already in middle school, and it's not always easy to stay away from school, but as long as my marks are good, it's possible...

As Adventure, C&A, Bel&Bo, Proximus, Deleye, Torfs, AvA, Scapa


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