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Patrycja Kłos

Model, Actor


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My adventure in modelling began at the age of two, thanks to my mother. I was a part of a fashion show for the Polish clothing brand SMYK. It was a small start.
In 2013 at the age of 5, my mother took me for an audition with the big fashion show Warsaw Fashion Street organised by Dorota Wróblewska and Kate Sokołowska. Warsaw Fashion Street is the largest fashion event in Poland and is an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest trends and collections from famous designers. I went for an audition and booked it. It was a great adventure and great experience.

I really liked it, and mum signed me with the agency for child models. The year 2013 was full of fashion shows, I appeared on the cover of a magazine, won several photo sessions, and the first TV commercial and had my debut in the war film directed by Jan Komasa - Miasto 44 (Eng. - Warsaw ’44). It was a new experience, a completely different. At the beginning I was a little scared when I saw all those people, bloodied, without legs, massacred. But makeup man quickly showed me that it was just such a makeup for the film, and he showed me how he makes. It was an amazing experience!

SMYK, Four’eMki, McDonald's, Owl with Soul, Pepco, Eurobank, Desmoxan, Lewiatan, Biedronka, Lidl, Toys Zelfs
Warsaw Fashion Street, Coolclub Kids Fashion Show, C&A, MasterChef Junior

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