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Paris Bishop

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Hi, my name is Paris Bishop and I live in Australia. I started modelling at the age of 10 and at that time I was unaware that I was at the perfect sample size they use which is a size 10. After signing with Tara Nash, who is still my agent, I was so excited to book my first ever job being at Kmart TVC and catalogue. I then went on to do many jobs with Kmart, Target and Myer. I was fortunate enough to work for these companies until I grew out of their samples. I adored all the people I met whilst doing these jobs.

My all time favourite job to date is when I got to fly to Sydney to shoot a Target TVC jeans commercial with Danni Minogue, Jessica Mauboy, Sonia Kruger, and Fiona Falkiner, all talented Aussie icons, and I was completely starstruck and felt so blessed to have this fun and exciting opportunity.

I then went on to do more tween jobs like Cotton On, Pavement Brands, Just Jeans, All About Eve & Eve's Sister, Sudo Kids, Witchery Kids, Bardot Junior, Ratbag, Stella Cove, Petite Parisians and also was lucky to do brand repping for Joee Tween. I was also fortunate enough to be a part of KIDSFEST runways and International Kids Fashion Parade. I've also been so blessed to work with amazing photographers and mentors such as Kylie Southwood, Isa Battaglin, (LillyK), Maira Tilson, Ryan Wheatley, Jarrod Biffin and Chris Pearce just to name a few. They have been huge influences in how I have developed in my modelling career as their direction on set has been such a great learning curve and each photographer brings out something different in you...

Kmart, Target, Free by Cotton On, Pavement Brands, Bardot Junior, Petit Parisians, All About Eve & Eve’s Sister, Just Jeans, Gelati Jeans, Ratbagg, Stella Cove Witchery
KIDS FEST Runways, International Kids Fashion Parade
Wild Child, British Vogue, Donna Hay

Kmart, Target with Jessica Mauboy, Danni Minogue, Fiona Falkiner, Sonia Kruger; Simonds Home

Netball, cooking

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