Nika Parechyna

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Nika Parechyna

Model, Musician, Dancer


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When I was 3, I saw Zlata on the podium for the first time. It was a fashion show. She walked illuminated by lights and shone from camera flashes. I still remember this moment. Then I firmly told my parents that I wanted to go nearby with my sister. And I was taken to a model school when I was 3 years old.
A year later I was walking with my sister next to BFW. We presented warm jackets.
And now I have been working for 5 years in the fashion industry) More than 100 photo sessions and shows. I have repeatedly won in various beauty contests in Europe, Russia and Belarus.
My favourite work is a photo shoot in the Italian town of Candelaria. We shot a collection of dresses by a famous designer near the local castle. Later these photos were the winners in photo contests...

Next, Gucci, Acoola, Mugako dress, Sazanovich dresses, Sardinababy, Mark Formel, Bolero....
Next, Sazanovich, Navy, Danay....
WS_magazine, Domik, Defile kids fashion magazine, Ash magazine, ZZ, Fashion life,

Adv on TV - Cavandoli

Nika also plays piano, sing and goes to dancing school, She likes to draw dresses and she wants to be a fashion designer

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