Nicholas Bustos

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Nicholas Bustos

Dancer, Athlete

United States

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I started dancing at the age of 9 after having watched my older sister dance since I was born. I train at Stars Dance Studio in Miami, FL. I am a part of the homeschool academy at Stars. Before dancing, I took jiujitsu for 2 years. I love all style of dance but my 2 favorites are contemporary and ballet. Dance gives me the freedom to express myself through movement. Whatever mood I'm in , happy, sad or angry, I can just go out on stage and pour those feelings into my dancing.

I have won 1st place at JUMP, NUVO and 24 Seven dance conventions along with VIP scholarship at all those. I was runner up at The Dance Awards. I have won 1st place and title at Starpower, Legacy, PrimeTime and Star Systems. I won 1st place at the Universal Ballet Competition. I won 2nd place at YAGP and was invited to attend their nationals in New York.

contemporary, ballet, lyrical, jazz, ballroom, hip hop and tap

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Stars Dance Company
24 Seven Dance Convention
Universal Ballet Competition
JUMP Dance Convention
The Dance Awards
BoysDance Magazine No.4
Youth America Grand Prix
BoysDance Magazine Awards
NUVO Dance Convention

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