Nazar Koptevtsov

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Nazar Koptevtsov

Model, Dancer


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Hello, my name is Nazar, I'm 9 years old. I am in high school grade 4.
I have been doing modeling for 4 months now.

Mom sent my street photos to the agency. Having worked on the portfolio, I immediately followed the order for a very large project

@ TSUM Kiev, it was very big and my first job.

I got a lot of experience, talked with significant people in the fashion world.
Most importantly, I realized that I really want to do modeling.
My second job was with @ My Brand (Italy), it was a lot of fun on the set.
My third job was with @ CaramelUkraine (British brand).

Between filming, I was invited to work on the series Zvonar2 (Ukraine). Cinematography is an amazing world.

In November, I signed a contract @ (Netherlands).
I am also interested in dancing and diving.

My dream is to work with the world's leading children's brands

@ TSUM Kiev @ My Brand (Italy) @ CaramelUkraine (British brand)

series Zvonar2


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Dancer, Singer

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