Nathan Villalba

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Nathan Villalba

Dancer, Model

United Kingdom

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My name is Nathan Villalba, I am 13 years old and I live in Gibraltar. From an early age, dance has been my passion. Initially, I started dancing Street and Hip Hop, as I was inspired by Michael Jackson and many of his video clips. Now, Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet and many other styles of dance are part of my daily class routines with my current dance school, Stylos Dance Studios.

Throughout my years of dancing so far, I have one a few special awards which include; Best Male Dancer Awards at the Gibraltar International Dance Festival 2017, 2019 & 2020, Gold Medalist in Dance World Cup 2018, Mr Teen Dance Icon at Thunderstruck Los Angeles and some scholarships to dance centers and studios in London.

My ambition is to become a professional dancer/choreographer and to tour the world with a well-known performer. Although I am still on course to achieve my dreams, I believe that with hard work and dedication it will one day pay off.

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Stylos Dance Studios
BoysDance Magazine No.6

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