Mirre Van Straten

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Mirre Van Straten

Model, Dancer, Athlete


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Hi, my name is Mirre and I live a happy life in the Netherlands with my mom, dad, two older brothers and our little kitten Pip. I love animals a lot.

Last year in November my mom saw a post on Facebook that they were looking for models for a clothing brand. Unfortunately, we got no reaction, but two days before the shoot they sent a message. A girl could not come to the shoot, and they asked if I wanted to come. I was very surprised. It was like a dream came true for me. That was my first photoshoot in Belgium.
Everyone was very nice. My hair was done, and I got a little bit of makeup for the first time. When I saw myself in the mirror, it was easy to shine for the camera. I received many compliments from the team, and they were very satisfied with the results. After this shoot, I went to a photographer. Professional photos help create a beautiful portfolio for new projects...

Kalenji sports brand for Decathlon, Zoizo sleepwear, Scapino, van U elen, Intertoys, Lovestation22, Quapi, Tom-Du, Chaos and Order, Kiddo Kids, Silke
JBC, Tom-Du

Ikea, Philips, Blokker

Athletics, ballet, skiing

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Jr Model Magazine No.6
Jr Model Magazine TOP20 '17

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