Megan Mielke

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Megan Mielke

Model, Athlete, Singer

United States

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I started modelling as an infant and continued to work regularly until I was out of size for child modelling. I really enjoyed going to bookings. I loved the hair, makeup and cool clothes that I got to wear. I worked for Kohl's, Bon-Ton, and American Girl to name a few; my favourite is American Girl. What girl wouldn't love that booking? Catalogue shoots and store ads are fun, but as I got older, I was introduced to on-camera and voice-over opportunities. Auditioning for commercials and movies were more difficult, but I loved the challenge and the work. I booked commercials for dental companies; hospital networks, fast food companies and I did a singing voice over for a hotel/water park.

Sports, singing and spending time with my friends and family are also a big part of my life. I play club volleyball for the Milwaukee Sting. I love the game and everything it stands for. I've learned the value of leadership, as well as the importance of being a team player. Winning and losing are part of life, and I've learned to graciously accept both. I love to sing and act and hope to one day book an audition for a television show. My favourite brands I hope to shoot for are Nike, Lulu Lemon and Vineyard Vines...

Kohls, Bon Ton, American Girl, Wisconsin Dental commercial, Wisconsin Hospital systems commercial, Key Lime Cove-voice over, Culvers, apron packaging, LTD catalogue

volleyball, singing, skiing

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