Maximillian Imas

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Maximillian Imas

Model, Actor


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My name's Max and I'm an aspiring kid actor and model from Kyiv, Ukraine. With over 30 projects in TVC, movies and photo shoots under my belt in the last 3.5 years, I'm considered top league in my age group in my country.

I've been in the acting business since the age of 6 getting into the industry by pure chance. Once an owner of a local modelling agency was passing the playground I was happily frolicking in with friends. She saw me and suggested to my parents I should come in and do some camera tests. And though the said agency never gave us any further work, my parents became fascinated by the idea and started looking for castings...

Orange, Danone, Mondelēz Int., LG, Sodastream, GoodFood, Farmak, Taiga, Epicentre DIY, Kite Backpacks, Lizak throat lozenge, Kalinka butter, LG, Rastishka yoghurts

‘Never Say Never,’ ‘Yesterday. Today. Forever,’ ‘ER (CIS version),’ ‘100 Ways of Being Happy’

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Jr Model Magazine No.2

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