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Age: 12

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Hi!, My name is Matias Jauregui and I´m from Guadalajara, Mexico.

I had my first modelling experience when I was six years old, and my mom sent my photographs to a model agency called MmRunway. One day she received a call from the MmRunway staff where they invited me to make the casting for a magazine. The casting day came and, even though I had a good time at the photoshoot, I remember being very nervous, this whole thing was new for me. Days after, we were surprised to receive a call from the MmRunway staff notifying us that I had been selected to appear on a kids magazine called Style Kids! Being that one of my favourite experiences because the photoshoot session happened at a soccer stadium and I had a lot of fun...

C&A, Liverpool Mexico, Impuls, Terra, Cklass, StyleKids, Fabricas de Francia, Surtidora Departamental.
Fabricas de Francia, Liverpool Mexico, C&A.
Style Kids Magazine, Liverpool Mexico, Cklass, Terra, Impuls.

Musical Video: Caloncho - Amigo Mujer

Football Soccer, paddele board (begginer).

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Jr Model Magazine No.8

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