Mary Kakinda

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Mary Kakinda

Model, Actor, Dancer


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A lot of my family and friends said that I should try modelling and also I wanted to get into modelling because I've always wanted to see myself in a catalogue. So I went on Starnow, and I made an account, and I got my first ever modelling job which was to be a runway model and walk for Rip Curl at Kids Fashion Meets Music, which was so much fun.

I love acting. I do a lot of acting at school by participating in a lot of school plays some which I and my friends make ourself; I also enjoy playing tennis and dancing, my favourite style of dance is hip-hop.

Rip Curl
Kids Fashion Meets Music

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Jr Model Magazine No.7

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Dancer, Actor

Actor, Dancer

Dancer, Actor

Actor, Singer, Model

Actor, Athlete

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