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Madyson Chretien

Model, Actor


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My name is Madyson, and I live in Belgium. I was born of a French mum and a Kenyan dad.

I am 10 years old, and I have been making pictures since my 18 months. I do not remember my very first shoot, but it seems that I already had a lot of fun. So it was for a simple brochure for Carrefour that everything started. I always liked to take care of myself, to comb my hair, to put on make-up. I liked to play with other children on set and eating sweets and cakes or doing different fun things. I already had a lot of hair, and I was a very atypical child.
Subsequently, I was able to make photos for different clothing brands, toy brands or take part in various fashion shows. My best memory is a parade for Supertrash Girl at the fashion week in Amsterdam, it was an unforgettable moment. Mum accompanied me, and my dad was able to follow the live stream on the Internet. It was truly an amazing time for my family and me. I had photo shoots mainly in Brussels, Paris or Amsterdam. I hope one day to go to Spain or maybe to Italy, why not?...

Carrefour, JBC, B-Shirt, Eveil & Jeux, Woody, Max & Lola, Le Chic, Little Miss Juliette, By Kyra, Supertrash Girl, Dreamland, Brian & Nephew, Chaos and the Order, Tripley, Archimède by Noukie’s, Smallable, Zoobug London, C&A, Lelykids, La Petite Gervaise, BNP Paribas, Kids Department, Belle & Beau, Dress Like Flo, BluePink, Tex, CKS, Bart Smit, Picwic, Mini Boetik, Eurospace Center, Samsonite, Tea Princess, AliOlikids, 11.11.11, Chaussea, Riebedebie, Rumbl, Retour Denim Delux / Retour Jeans, Au fil de l’imaginaire, Coolcat, Lava Lava, IKEA, DSM

ZulupaPUWA, Little Fashion Week of Brussels, Fashion Week d’Amsterdam for Supertrash Girl, Levi’s Kids, Retour Denim Delux / Retour Jeans

Magazine Simply You, Boys+Girls Magazine, Deleye Magazine

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Jr Model Magazine No.3
Jr Model Magazine TOP20 '17

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