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Luka Quinn

Actor, Singer, Musician


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Hello, I’m Luka. I live in Paris, and I’m half French and half British, so I’m bilingual which is a great advantage in life!

My first modelling job was for the brand Redskins, and I remember it very well. The photographer was nice and enthusiastic and let me come up with lots of my own ideas. These involved a skateboard and climbing up high on some reels which was great fun! They also put a load of gel in my hair to make a mohican but it didn’t work at all, so I ended up having really greasy hair and an allergic reaction which made my scalp red and itchy!! I had to wear a hat in all the photos! Despite that, it was great fun, and they even let me keep the skateboard and choose some cool clothes to keep.

Since then I have done other shoots, some classic ones in studios for designers like Jean Paul Gaultier Junior or Noro Paris and others that were shot on location, countryside, beach or the streets of Paris for example. These photo-shoots often turn into mega play-dates, and they are the ones I prefer as I get to make new friends. I love clothes but not always the ones my mum wants me to wear!

Noro Paris, Boyish, Jean Paul Gaultier, Amiki, Redskins, Complices, Izzy&Ferd, Animalesque

Puerto Ricans in Paris, Hidden Kisses, L’âge de raison, Dans un vent d’été

Singing, dancing, guitar, acting, tennis, horse riding

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Jr Model Magazine No.2

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