Lucie Habadová

Model, Actor, Singer

Czech Republic

Age: 9. Login to see birthday

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I love this job. I have experience in modeling, taking fashion photography ,creating ads with children's clothing and I'm shooting movies.
My name is Lucie, I'm 8 years old and I live in the Czech Republic.

2015-magazine Mink fashion
2017-Car Skoda
2019-magazine Maminka Clothes H&M,Zara...
- Car BMW
2019-finalist Miss Sluníčko
2019-Winner in the Angel of the Year category
2020-magazine Maminka Clothes Reserved,Mango...

2012-Sanitka - czech
2013-czech.serial Křižovatky
2017-czech ser. Ordinace
2020-Specialisté czech

Tennis, dancing, singing

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Actor, Model

Dancer, Model

Actor, Singer, Chef

Actor, Model

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