Lorenzo Lafranconi

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Lorenzo Lafranconi

Model, Athlete


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My name is Lorenzo and I live in Italy.

I started modelling at the age of 6 when my mom introduced me at the ModaModà agency in Milan. I have always been in front of the camera because my mom has always taken a lot of pictures on vacations, at sea, everywhere.

My first job was a lookbook for Roberto Cavalli; it was tiring because there were many dress changes. The fashion shows are the things I like the most because I always make new friends.

My favourite designer is John Richmond. I did a great job with him; he is a true artist and a great person.

My favourite photographer is Annarella Caruso; it is a great pleasure to work with her, and she has now become also a friend of my mom. She is very sweet and nice with children.

I do not spend too much time in the fashion world because school and sports are more important for me. I love reading books. My favourite author is Rick Riordan. I've read all his books.

This year I've played a role in the Peter Pan musical at school, I played Michael. I enjoyed it very much...

Cavalli Junior, Riva Fashion , Lefties, Yess-Zee by Essenza, Doundup , John Richmond , Parental Advisory
Disegual, Nobili, Canada House, Guess
Collezioni Bambini, Io Donna, Style Piccoli

La Martina

Mineral collection, reading narrative texts. Sports: judo (orange-green belt) swimming (pre-agonism) and climbing

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Jr Model Magazine No.4

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