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Leandro Van Pelt

Model, Dancer


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Hello, my name is, Leandro van Pelt. And I am a professional model from the Netherlands.

I was discovered by a model agency at the age of 7 when I was at a festival with my family in Rotterdam. But in fact, my real first job was as a baby, in the movie ‘Ober’ by Alex van Warmerdam. I was the baby of the main character. The movie has been sold to 16 countries around the world.

Funny enough, I’ve never worked for my first agency. One day my mum saw an advertisement for Red-Rag shoes. They were looking for models. I’ve got picked out, and I had my first job. Down there, the photographer told my mum, that I was a great talent and that I had a natural look on the photos.

From there on, I became more and more wanted for photo shoots. But my mum didn’t let me accept all offers. She kept telling me, she didn’t want me to work for peanuts while the companies behind those brands were making a lot of money.
I didn’t understand much at that time. But I also saw that a lot of children of my age became more and more famous. They got a lot more jobs because they were working for those, who my mum didn’t want me to work for...

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