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United States

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My name is Kyla Carter and I am 14 years and was born in Long Island, New York. I have been a professional actress since 5 years old. I am a SAG/AFTRA, Equity actress. I am currently starring as CJ Suki in the DreamWorks animated series TrollsTopia on Hulu and on Netflix in the DreamWorks animated television series "Trolls the Beat Goes On." I have traveled the country the last five years starring in two Broadway National Tours, "Irving Berlin's White Christmas" and "Roger and Hammerstein's "The Sound of Music." My professional credits include work for ABC, HBO, Nickelodeon, PBS, Netflix and NBCUniversal.

I have recently released a single called “Average Puzzle Piece”

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Model, Athlete

Actor, Singer, Dancer

Model, Actor, Athlete

Model, Actor

Actor, Dancer, Musician, Vlogger

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