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Kye Hawkins

Model, Actor, Musician


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I started modelling when I was 5. My first job came from my very first casting. It was for a TVC for insurance. Then I did a photo shoot for David Jones Christmas Catalogue. It was a big deal as the shoot was with the famous Aussie model Megan Gale. Soon after this, I did an editorial shoot for Studio Bambini magazine. I was very lucky with my first jobs.

Since then I did a lot of photo shoots for Peter Alexander (The Sleepwear King). These were my favourite as Peter was awesome. He thought I was a funny kid. Once when I arrived on a shoot he said, 'Here he is, the little star,' it felt good. I also loved working with the photographer for these shoots, Georges Antoni, he was really nice too and we had a lot of fun...

David Jones Christmas Catalogue, Peter Alexander (The Sleepwear King), Camilla Kaftans Lookbook,
Australian Fashion Week
Studio Bambini magazine

TVC for insurance company

X-box, surfing, playing the guitar, acting

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Jr Model Magazine No.1
Jr Model Magazine TOP20 '17
Starfish Kids Talent

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