Kristina Shmidt

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Kristina Shmidt

Model, Dancer, Athlete


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Honestly, I don't even remember how my model career started. I suppose it happened when my mum took me to several exciting photo-sessions. We paid close attention to the choice of photographers and made a huge number of pictures. Soon after, I was noticed by agents who were eager to arrange interesting jobs for me. Through the eight years which I’ve been working as a model, I’ve received a wealth of experience and developed a remarkable portfolio. I enjoy being creative in front of a camera and expressing the wide range of emotions in different moments of the session. I'm always curious to meet each new photographer. One of the last bright and unforgettable jobs is a photo session for a famous Australian brand Little Miss Aoki. Also, I have a vast experience in shooting for outdoor advertising.

Besides modelling I go in for gymnastics. It has been my passion since I was four years old. Since my early age, I’ve been participating in competitions of different levels. My main achievement in gymnastics so far was taking part in the largest Russia national competition “The Junior Gymnast 2016”. However, gymnastics is not my only passion – I've been studying to dance professionally since the beginning of this year...

Little Miss Aoki
Saint-Petersburg Fashion Week (2011, 2014, 2015), Aurora Fashion Week
Posh Kids (2016 twice); Big City Magazine (2016); Magnificent Magazine (2016); La Belle Kids (2017); Kids Russia

World Fashion Channel (2015), Russian Channels

Gymnastics, dancing

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Jr Model Magazine No.4
La Belle

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