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Knox Gibson

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Hi, my name is Knox and I live in Australia. I also have a limb difference due to an accident with a lawn mower when I was three years old.

I had never even dreamt of being a model until I got my first job! I was chosen to film an advertisement for Breeze Singapore. I was cast specifically because the clients were looking for somebody with a visible disability. The ad was called “Dirt Erases Differences”, highlighting many different types of diversity and had a fantastic message.

I had so much fun on set that I wondered if I could get other types of jobs in the industry.
I then filmed a Kmart Australia commercial for the Christmas season which aired nationally and gave me a lot of exposure.
This led to a request for me to be an ambassador for Starting With Julius, a non-for-profit organisation committed to the equal representation of people with a disability in advertising and the media. I accepted and am a proud ambassador - it is so important that all walks of life are represented in advertising as it will lead to much more acceptance and awareness in the community, and increased positive body image for those who do have a disability.

I have filmed segments for two different children’s television shows. One was on set at a studio, and the other was on location, both were a great experience and taught me a lot about taking direction.

I signed with an agency and was chosen to walk in the International Kids Fashion Parade in Melbourne this year which was an amazing experience. It was such an honour to be the only child with a disability to walk and to be amongst some of the best in the industry...

International Kids Fashion Parade/Gymboree

Breeze Singapore, Kmart Australia

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