Kirill Beloborodov

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Kirill Beloborodov

Model, Actor, Athlete


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Hello! My name is Kirill. I want to become an actor and singer. I asked my mum to help me with my dream. First, we took professional photographs. Then we started going to castings. The first time I was invited for a modelling job, I didn't know what I had to do. But I listened carefully to the photographer, looked at the other children and learned from them.

Most of all I like to play in movies, but so far I have only done a small role. The work of an actor or a model is not always easy but is always interesting. I remember once we needed to film a sunny summer day, but it was raining and very cold outside. However, we made a very good video for Gloria Jeans clothing brand. .

I also enjoy filming for Silver Spoon clothing brand, as they always create very warm and friendly atmosphere on set. Thanks to my modelling job I met many friends.
I love travelling and want to travel around the world.

I study at a music school, play the keyboard and sing.

If you have a dream go for it! No need to listen to those who say that it is not possible!

Silver Spoon, Faberlic, Gloria Jeans, Puika, Little Pushkin, To be Too, Sportmaster, Fanclastic, Garnier, Fundayshop, MOD

Gloria Jeans, Sportmaster, Detskiy Mir

wrestling, computer games, football, travelling.

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