Kennedy Madison Elmore

Singer, Actor, Model

United States

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My name is Kennedy Madison and I'm currently living bi-coastal (Los Angeles California/Birmingham Alabama) I am homeschooled and love doing what I do and constantly travelling. I started some modelling runway and print around the age of 8-some of my favourites along the way were anywhere Belks department store, walking for private and local boutiques and online fashions. I would have to say my favourite photoshoot, as of today, would be Brandin Schaeffer( LA).

My other interest and loves would be dancing, singing and acting.

Belk’s/ Nakd fashion/ Kairos/ Vibe Los Angeles
KaBoom/ Hopscotch

Les Miserable ( theater) Geena Davis’s Empowering Young Women in Film ( documentary) short films/ commercials

At the current time, I’m focusing on my singing career, my third single release for my anti-bullying campaign which also includes my other two releases - “ I Got Me” and “Cooler” and you can access these through many platforms like iTunes, Sound Cloud, etc., and through my social media...

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