Justin M Sanders

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Justin M Sanders

Model, Actor, Dancer

United States

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For me, self-esteem was a real issue growing up. I was a foster kid, bi-racial, wore glasses, and was little. I didn’t love myself how I should. I was born into a family obsessed with drugs to where they focused on drugs more than they focused on me. I used to think I did something wrong. Being moved from one family to another wasn’t fun. Luckily, my father’s cousin gave us a safe home and adopted us.

She is my mother now. When I got adopted by my mom, I figured out that it wasn’t my fault. I learned that they were the adults and didn’t take care of their responsibilities. My mother made me see that they are the ones missing out on me.

My mother noticed my low self-esteem, and she put me in front of a mirror and wouldn’t let me leave without me telling myself how good I look. The low self-esteem was caused by bullies in elementary school and middle school. I would get picked on about wearing glasses, my height, and the fact that I am bi-racial. But a turning point in my life happened when I was in front of that mirror, and as I was telling myself how good I looked, I started to believe it to the point that I asked my mom could I be a model...

Feature: DFW Teen Magazine
Print Ad: Famous Footwear
Rise Up Launch (runway model)
Rising Roses (runway model)
DFW Teen Fashion Week (runway model)
New York Fashion Week (runway model)

Commercial: Gopher Food Delivery (extra)
TV spot: Great Day Houston

Loves soccer, likes baseball, enjoys hip hop dancing and spending time with his beloved dog Teddy

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Jr Model Magazine No.8

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