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Juay Kennedy

Model, Musician, Athlete


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My first modelling job came at age 7 for the global brand DEUS EX MACHINA. It is such an awesome brand mixing all the stuff that I love doing from surfing, skateboarding, riding motorbikes (well, dirt bikes for me). A week before my first shoot for DEUS, I broke my arm at the skate park, and I was so upset, but they said that was even better. That shoot was used for a full book titled the “House of Thump” to release their summer clothing range for that year in Australia. From that shoot, I went on to do lots more catalogues for DEUS. Next, I was lucky enough to be chosen for a TV commercial for Milo, which is a popular drink in Australia. Just about every kid in Australia grows up drinking Milo.

I guess I fell into modelling by chance. I loved dancing and went to Brent Street Studio, which amongst many things offers dance programs. I was doing hip-hop, jazz/tap, acrobatics and ballet. I performed in lots of shows and dance competitions for Brent Street. Brent Street had an agency connected with the studio, and they asked me to join. Back then, I was much more into dancing and playing lots of sport...

Deus, Deus Ex Machina, Milo, Deus Customs, OPSM, Holden, IfuSeekDesigns, Mooks, My Street Threads, Hartford, OPSM & Holden

Peter Rabbit

Surfing, Skateboarding, martial arts, Australian Football.

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