Joshua Packard

Actor, Model

United States

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Josh started acting when he was 4 years old at a school play but soon realized that acting for film was more interesting to him. He enjoys watching movies, playing video games and hanging out with his 2 rescued dogs.

Nominated best young artist Young Artist Awards 2018

Keep on Believing Charles (lead) Dir. Evelyn Ferreira
A Thursday Drive Matthew Dawson (lead) Dir. Evan Pritchard
Shirtless Jimmy (lead) Dir. Cris Graves
Empty Ben (supporting) Dir. Erika Rosato
Spencer Speed Bart (supporting) Dir. Marcus Wei
Blood Brothers Lucky (lead) Dir. Grace Zhang
Educational Video Scientist Kid Dir. Gael Towey
The Lemonade Sharks Timmy (lead) Dir. Jacob Shao
Listen William (supporting) Dir. Matthew Guarnaccia
Creepy Kid (Teaser) Chris (supporting) Dir. Michael C. Bryan
Swinging into Action Casey (supporting) Dir. Joseph Guevara
The Smear Campaign Aaron Stotle (lead) Dir. Mark Himler

Saturday Night Live Show Biz Kid - Lil’Rent
Tadiran Air Conditioners Newspaper Boy Dir. Rani Carmeli

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