José Manuel Cespedes

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José Manuel Cespedes

Model, Musician, Athlete


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Everything started by chance, and, since I moved to Italy, everyone was telling me how cute and sweet I was, and everyone wanted to touch my hair!

Once, while I was with my mom and dad at a restaurant, an event organiser noticed me and when she learned I could play the trumpet, she asked me to play during the opening of a baby shop.

Due to this event, Brian Rush brand noticed me and they called me to work with them.
I was a bit nervous because I did not know what I was supposed to do, but at the end I was fine, and I had a lot of fun. Having my photos on their catalogue was terrific.
After that other brands, such as Frank Ferry, Antony Morato and others, began to contact me. Perhaps the most beautiful experience was the presence at Pitti Bimbo in Florence with Les Gamins Paris. I met many interesting people and enjoyed a lot. I currently work with the prestigious B-Talent Scout agency in Milan.

One of my favourite photos is the one in which I am jumping because it almost seems I am flying. My favourite brand is Antony Morato Junior for their elegant style.

Brian Rush, Antony Mor- ato Junior, Frank Ferry, Butnot, Emporio88, Les Gamins París, Colmar Originals
Pitti Bimbo Florence, Kids Moda RD
Giornale Dello Spettacolo

Nonno Nanni, Zipper Dream

playing the trumpet, the Electric Guitar and the forum, play basket and read

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