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Jessie Lease

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My mom's hobby is taking pictures, and she often asks my sister or me to pose in front of the camera, but to become a real kid’s model is something that never even crossed my mind...

One day my mum noticed an advert on Facebook for a model contest for the Dutch children's clothing brand Tumble & Dry. If you were selected, you would participate in a photo shoot. So initially my mum thought my little sister Aimee would be perfect for that shoot because Aimee is a real girlie girl and she likes to dress up and look beautiful. But then she noticed that participation for this photo shoot was from the age of 4 years, and my little sister is only three, so Aimee was still too young. I think my mum liked the idea still though because she then thought why not try with Jessie and she placed a picture of me in the advert on the Facebook page of Tumble & Dry. When she had done that she saw that she had done it wrong. She should have clicked on a link to sign me up on the Tumble & Dry webpage. So she left it and thought, 'oh well never mind…' But then, a day later Tumble & Dry placed a reaction under their message with the text: "Fathers, mothers and kid models, we see all these cute, handsome faces passing by, but these kids are not yet officially signed up, so if you want to be considered, please sign up via the link". Only then my mum officially signed me up. A little while later she received an email saying that I was selected. All this time I wasn’t even aware she did all this. It was one morning when she woke me up, really excited, and she told me that I was selected to participate in a photoshoot. I asked her all kind of questions like, what it is and what do I have to do and most important will I like doing it?...

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