Jeremiah Holder

Dancer, Singer

United States

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Since I was a very young boy, I loved music and moving to it. At the age of 7,I found I attended a summer dance intensive and my love for the art of dance has never been the same since that intensive. I love, love, love dancing and dancing is a major part of my life.

2017 Starpower competition voted most enthusiastic dancer/ Received a scholarship to their week long summer intensive
2018 Starpower Competition 1st place award for solo piece, 1st place awards for Jazz and hip hop group dance
2018 StageOne Competition 1st place award for solo dance, 1st place award for many group dances
2018 StageOne Competition voted the most talented dance for the entire competition
2019 Groove Competition 1st place award for solo piece, several 1st place awards for junior division group dances
2019 PowerPak apprentice

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